Monday, April 18, 2011

First night sleeping in truck

Well we got a load yesterday. It took us all of 75 miles and for some damn reson my trainer wanted to get her 14 hours early for delivery. So therre I was sleeping in top bunk with the optimized idle on. Optimized ideal works like this you set the desired temperature in truck turn it on and it will turn the truckon and off to try and maintain that temperature, the other reason it turns the truck on is to charge the batteries. The sleep was aweful its shacking every time it does either. There is most likely a bad battery in the truck (it has 4 of them) so most of the times it turned on was to charge batteries!!! Also we were parked at a closed warehouse. Making useing the bathroom a Challenge!!! And I had to walk a half mile to get coffee this morning!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The road ahead

Sky- well the time has come to go out on the road with the trainer for 28 grulling days, away from each other. My trainer arrived yesterday. I packed all my stuff in his truck, his name is john and we waited for a load. For 9 hours and no load came. so last night around 9 pm he dropped me off back at the budged inn and me and Brian stayed in the room one more night. As for Brian he is still awaiting his trainers arrival.
the internet has been a big pain in the balls here still. I have recorded 3 videos but am unable to upload them to you tube do to internet speed.
i will update blog later if i do get a load out today!!