Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleeping in "dorm" is hell

This place is a waste of money for 2 people. If I wanted to live in prison I would have done a crime..... this place is exactly like a homeless shelter......if you have the money stay at a place close by but on campus!!!!  We are going to go to stay at a motel down the street. For a 100 $ less per week and we do not have to sleep in seprate beds or rooms like here ..... and away from all the drama!!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to say,"Welcome Everyone!!!" I am equally as excited to begin this fantastic journey with my sweetheart!! We are about to complete the liquidation of our belongings and make the necessary preparations for our departure on the 26th. We still have my '97 Lumina to sell ((2000.00) and much of our furniture, but we are confident that all will work out in time. Please feel free to e-mail me at any time with questions: Brian-co-author

This is our very first video and blog entry This will be the place for detailed daily updates from our biggest adventure ever. Previously Sky blogged at and this is Brian's first blog. We are a married gay couple. We were married July 25th 2010 in Washington dc. From about the time we got married we started to talk of this, it was merely a dream..... over the fall we decided to make it a reality and put in to motion the necessary parts to the plan to actions. we decided on a ball park date. Our lease was up on April first. After that we decided that it would be to expensive to maintain a residence and be out on the road for 28 days at a time. We then decided we were only going to rent a small temperature controlled storage filled with only non-furniture and sell off every thing else.
last week - we sold Sky's car and tagged in our mind what all we were keeping. rented a storage facility, 
this week- we began selling most everything on it is very easy and free to do.
next week- going away party!!! yippie  we will blog much more as the time gets closer!!
thanks Sky and Brian